The Grapes of Wrath

I don’t want to sound like a prissy snoot-bag, snootybut I fancy myself a bit of wine drinker.  It wasn’t easy to get to this point, as I typically prefer drinks with high sugar and umbrella content, but my (now) wife and I went to great lengths to develop a taste for the stuff in college.  This meant spending what little money I had on lavish dates at expensive restaurants, choking down glasses of wine of that neither of us were especially fond of – often fighting back what we still refer to as our “wine faces” – while politely assuring one another that it was “very good,” and making up the best descriptions we could think of to help hide our disgust, some of which can be seen in the following examples:   Continue reading

Bittersweet Symphony

I’ve personally never been all that fond of New Years.  Sure, I enjoy the friends, the food, and the champagne, but to me it always seems like less of an occasion to celebrate, and more of a time to lament another year lost down the tubes of history in our steady trudge towards old age and death – I am a BLAST at parties – and I’ve never understood the point of it.  1293844544750_8643071 Hold on, it gets better!