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I’m a guy like any other – 18 on the inside, but sore and graying slightly on the outside – still mistaken for a younger man, but no longer getting carded.  I love Taco Bell.  I type with most of my fingers.  I reluctantly wax my eyebrows with alarming frequency.  If you have a ridiculous idea and need someone help develop it and participate, I’m your man.  I stockpile fireworks.  I have a 2 year old son, a very large infant, and a wife that puts up with a lot of random activities.  I often wonder if she looks at other wives and wishes she had a husband that was just a little more content to put on some weight and hang out around the house more often – mostly because she’s told me that in so many words – but she knew what she was getting into.  I don’t know where I got my pressing need for stupid fun; it doesn’t seem to be genetic,  and I didn’t have a lot of crazy role models growing up – if pressed, I would probably say the people I have most looked up to (in no particular order) are: Pete Sampras, Dave Barry, and Scrooge McDuck*

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 – but wherever this drive came from it needs to be satisfied, and I hate doing things alone, so I figured what the heck?  Everyone else seems to have a blog these days, why not me?!  If people are willing to read the mindless drivel put out by reality TV stars and political analysts, then they might enjoy my random thoughts and antics too, right?  I guess we’ll see!  I look forward to seeing where this thing goes…




* The influence of each of these people is still with me today, and will likely show through in my writing.  However, our lawyers have asked me to point out that none of these men (or ducks) have endorsed this blog or the opinions expressed therein.  Our lawyers love to use words like ‘therein’.  They’re probably strutting around their office right now, high fiving each other and shouting things like, “Hitherto!” and “Aforementioned!”  …I can’t imagine they do well on dates.

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