Bittersweet Symphony

I’ve personally never been all that fond of New Years.  Sure, I enjoy the friends, the food, and the champagne, but to me it always seems like less of an occasion to celebrate, and more of a time to lament another year lost down the tubes of history in our steady trudge towards old age and death – I am a BLAST at parties – and I’ve never understood the point of it.  1293844544750_8643071 Hold on, it gets better!

Classic Tunes

I never really saw myself as a parent.  I don’t think anyone else really did either, and with good reason – I’m terribly impatient, and in general, prefer things to be as easy as possible.  But that all went out the window a couple years ago when my son was born This story is not about personal growth…


Ladies and gentlemen – and people that read this blog – I suggest that you all go out and buy very powerful telescopes immediately, because the stars have begun to align for a once in a lifetime series of events that you do not want to miss – and also because it’s fun to see what your neighbors do at night.  What could it be?