Stand Back or I’ll Cook!

I am a safety conscious man; I will often look up from my cellphone when crossing streets, I historically get a tetanus shot ever 25ish years whether I need it or not, and from time-to-time I like to test the smoke detectors in my home to make sure they’re working, So maybe I use the stove for that, so what?

Pop goes my Tart…

Sometimes – more so as I age – I’ll find myself lying awake at night, worrying about life and the world, and what kind of future my children will have.  Occasionally I’ll even bolt up in the middle of the night, paralyzed by some horrible thought; like terrorists getting nuclear weapons, or any of the current presidential hopefuls actually being elected, or the fact that we’ve nearly depleted our supply of unique and delicious pastry flavors.  THESE ARE REAL PROBLEMS, PEOPLE!