Awwww, Nuts!

My wife and I recently welcomed our second child – a healthy and pnwgdatgfv2y7unbtdsxg6hefty baby boy – happy, innocent, and loving, and immediately thought, “Holy crap, we can NEVER let this happen again!”  That’s when we began talking about permanent prevention, and ended – with unsettling haste – on vasectomy. The men in the audience will probably want to cross their legs before continuing…

*Uncomfortably* Friendly Skies

Flying is starting to get on my nerves lately. Don’t get me wrong, airports provide some of the best people-watching opportunities outside Las Vegas – today I saw a significantly overweight woman with green hair and a nose ring bursting out of a tank top that said “Do Epic Sh*t”, but without the asterisk; Classy! Read on to see what happened THIS time